Throughout the years PSPS has helped thousands of seniors cope with their changing needs

Services we offer include:

  • Case management services in which a social worker conducts a thorough assessment, usually in the resident's home, to identify needs and presenting issues. A social worker can assist a resident with
  • Care Planning to provide options for resident's care at home
  • Service Coordination with other agencies, such as home care and medical providers
  • Individual Counseling to offer emotional support
  • Crisis Intervention to assist the resident in addressing a sudden, stressful life event
  • Advocacy to ensure the resident receives the proper level of care and benefits
  • Benefits counseling to provide information on government entitlements
  • Application completion for entitlements, such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, EPIC and SCRIE
  • Placement Planning to explore options if more comprehensive care is needed
  • Care Monitoring to assess the appropriate level of care in the home and monitor the service provided
  • Case Assistance services in which a social worker provides assistance on a short-term basis, linking a resident with appropriate services. Intake for this service is provided on a daily basis and the resident's needs may be resolved during a telephone consultation. Home visits are conducted if a resident is homebound. 
  • Health Care Management is provided by on-site nurses, one from Visiting Nurse Service of New York and one from Jewish Home Lifecare, who make home visits. New York University student nurses, Pace University, and CUNY BSN candidates provide 25 weeks of individual health monitoring assistance to frail homebound residents.  
  • Health Care Assistance is provided for short-term monitoring, such as after discharge from a hospital or in the event of an illness or a fall. Our Falls Prevention Nurse Consultant conducts individual fall risk assessments, and in-home Safety Assessments to minimize residents' fall risk and provide education on this issue.
  • Healthcare Promotion is provided through lectures on health education on various topics and exercise classes, such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Stretch and Tone, and Chair exercises for frail residents.
  • Health Screenings and Vaccinations are offered such as flu shots, and a blood pressure clinic to monitor residents' blood pressure once weekly. 

open nurse hours and blood pressure checks

Penn South Program for Seniors (PSPS) has an On-Site Nurse in the Senior Program located at 290 9th Avenue. Services include a weekly blood pressure clinic. Nurses take appointments as well as participate in education and prevention services. 

If you have a health concern and would like to make an appointment with the NORC RN, please call 212-243-3670

If you are experiencing a health care emergency call 9-1-1.