Enhancing the lives of all who live in Penn South

  • PSSS developed a comprehensive Falls Prevention Program, sharply reducing dangerous falls throughout the co-op. The program is open to anyone vulnerable to falling who wishes to learn techniques to avoid falls. 

  • The PS-HOPS (Penn South Home Organized Personal Services) Program provides health services and products at reduced prices, including home health aides, emergency response systems, hearing and eyeglass services, and non-prescription pharmacy discounts. (For those 18 and over)

  • PSSS sponsors The Music Club, in which all genres of music are performed and concerts are open to all cooperators. 

  • PSSS sponsors the Art/Sketch Sessions for adults 17 and over. 

  • PSSS partners with the Parents Committee, supporting their efforts as needed, and works with other groups as we seek to create new programs to serve the entire Penn South community. 

  • PSSS sponsors other programs such as weekly Schmooze & Booze, chess classes, annual multi-media art exhibits, craft events and more.