Program Information and Schedules 

Penn South Program for Seniors is open from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday (except certain holidays). The Program is open two Wednesdays per month until approximately 8:00pm for special events. These evenings are titled, “Neighborly Nights.” The Program is located at 290 Ninth Avenue (within the complex) in a clearly identified street level accessible space.

PSPS classes work on a Trimester basis, with each trimester consisting of 10-12 weeks of courses. We offer a physical exercise class daily, in varying disciplines (Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretch & Tone, All level and advanced Fitness). The program offers performing arts classes, which include Drama and Comedy Improvisation classes. Fine arts offerings included are painting and drawing, a creative arts class and music. There are new classes offered each trimester. 

The objective of our classes is to keep our members engaged in enrichment activities and learn in a supportive environment. Our group leaders and teachers are experienced specialists in their field. Several of them have been with us many years and are well acquainted with our population.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, we have two forums for special events. Our Thursday Specials at 2:30 PM are well attended with guest speakers, live entertainment and films. We present speakers who can inform our residents on various issues about Medicare Benefits, Medicaid Benefits, and Advanced Directives. We also provide cultural programs including live music, drama performances, art shows and more.

The aforementioned Neighborly Nights, two times per month, feature much the same programming as Thursday Specials, with guest artists, speakers and films. On the film nights, we offer pizza.

Kara Rogers, Group Services Coordinator, Penn South Program for Seniors, 212-243-3670,